We are a group of talented and experienced people who are super humble and enthusiastic about our passion to filmmaking. We pride ourselves on executing projects with the highest creativity and within budget. We love three things unconditionally: what we do, the people we do it with, and good food, not necessarily in that order.


Bassem AlJuhani

Founder / CEO


Associates & Staff

Shadi Mcdad
Film Producer

Joseph Moubarak
Executive Director

Louay Basha
Production Manager

Ziad Moubarak
Sound Engineer

Charbel Madi

Alaa Enzawi

Hadi Kashan
Finance Manager

Roni Sokhn

Omar Sulaiby
Casting Manager

Fadi Maalouf
Marketing Executive

Karim Najjar
Senior Film Editor

Shabir Mohamed
Rental Department

Tala Tarabichi
Art Director

AbdulRahman Al-Tukhais
Production Coordinator

Rami Mahdi
Client Service Executive

Munira Al-Kahtani

Sherif Shayaba
Lighting Assistant

Denise Hamdan
Motion Graphics Artist

Bilal Mahdi
Videographer / Focus Puller

Hassan Mokh
Events Marketing Director